Income Tax

Tax Administrator Diane Haas

Fax: 419.535.3550

Tax Commissioner Don King

Local Income Tax Rate - 1.5%

2021 Income Tax Deadline April 18, 2022

We are now accepting in-person appointments. Call 419-536-6502 to schedule an appointment or for help over the phone. The Tax Office can also prepare your return - provide your documents in our drop box on the south drive, or by mail, and we will prepare the tax return. Click below for a form with instructions.

Income Tax Return Completion Request Form

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Individual Tax Documents
Resident Registration Form Tax FAQ Street Listing for Ottawa Hills NRR Form
Business Tax Documents
Business Questionnaire updated 2021 Preparer letter Street Listing for Ottawa Hills 2022 Withholding Form 2022 Withholding Reconciliation 2021 Withholding Form 2021 Withholding Reconciliation 2020 Withholding Forms 2020 Withholding Reconciliation Form
Rates and Fees

Ottawa Hills Income Tax Rate - 1.5%

  • Residents can take a 50% credit (max .75%) for taxes paid to work cities

Interest Rates on Late Paid Tax

  • 2022 Interest Rate on Late Paid Tax: 5%
  • 2021 Interest Rate on Late Paid Tax: 5%
  • 2020 Interest Rate on Late Paid Tax: 7%
  • 2019 Interest Rate on Late Paid Tax: 7%
  • 2018 Interest Rate on Late Paid Tax: 6%
  • 2017 Interest Rate on Late Paid Tax: 6%
  • 2016 Interest Rate on Late Paid Tax: 5%

Late Payment Penalty - 15% (Withholding Penalty - 50%)

Late Filing Fee - See Income Tax Ordinance

NOTE: Withholding Forms are available in the 'Business Documents' dropdown. If you do not have a withholding account number with the Village, complete the Business Questionnaire, and send it with your first withholding. Call our office at 419-536-6502 with questions.

Electronic Payments

Account numbers (no dash) are required to make payment by credit/debit cards. There is a convenience charge on each payment.

Electronic Payments

Village of Ottawa Hills Income Tax

The Village of Ottawa Hills has a 1.5% municipal income tax on income earned in the Village or earned by Village residents. Village residents who pay income taxes to another community receive partial credit (50% of the lower rate) for those taxes paid. Most residents work outside the Village and pay .75% income tax to the Village. Income tax is the largest source of revenue to fund Village services, such as police, fire and refuse pickup.

The Tax Department is happy to assist residents in completing tax forms and to answer any questions you may have. Currently we are scheduling appointment times for in-person assistance. Please call 419-536-6502 with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Other Tax Information

Ohio Revised Code 718 - Municipal Income Tax

Income Tax Ordinance - Ord 2015-10

Privacy & Account Numbers

The Income Tax office places the highest priority on the confidentiality of taxpayer records. Our office uses Account Numbers (5 numbers-letter; #####-R) for each taxpayer to track records and transactions. To improve the privacy for items sent through the mail, taxpayers can use their Account Number on documents sent to the office instead of their social security number. Your account number appears on preprinted documents from the Income Tax office. Please call our office if you need your account number.

Non-Resident Refunds

For residents filing with another city for a refund of local tax withheld on workdays spent outside of the work city, copies of the Non-Resident Refund form are required to be submitted with the Ottawa Hills return. The Tax Office is happy to assist with this process. Below is a link to the Toledo website for forms and instructions.

Toledo Tax Forms